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"We’re so, so excited to introduce Cosplay by McCall’s, the new cosplay sewing site from the McCall Pattern Company. We want to bring you the very best in patterns, sewing tips, and more, whether you’re making bodysuits or tailcoats, ball gowns or capes. Superheroes and sorcerers and magical girls, beginners and veteran stitchers alike are all welcome here."


I noticed their booth at C2E2 just for a second on Saturday, but I think I was on my way to a panel, and then I forgot to go back to check them out on Sunday.

(btw, are dealers’ rooms not called dealers’ rooms any more? I was there on Saturday with a young woman who had no idea what I meant when I texted her that I was in the dealers room. She called it “the Show Floor,” and so did all the signs. Or is that just a C2E2 thing?)

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(I think the for-profit/comics-originating cons are more likely to call it "vendors" or some such, modeled after commercial exhibit conferences -- "show floor" sounds like that to me. "Dealers Room" is still the standard at Ye Olde SF Cons.)

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(Ah. That would explain it. Thanks.)

(Something that has not changed: first con -- except for Mediawest -- that I've been to in *years*... and I got con crud. First cold I've had since February 2014.)


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